What Not to Do When Hosting a Corporate Event

February 21, 2019

Finding yourself in the role as organizer or planner of your company’s next conference or other event can leave you with a huge to-do list. By paying attention and avoiding a few “Don’ts”, your event can be successful with an engaged and appreciative audience.

As one of northeast Ohio’s premier event venues, we’ve seen our share of corporate events. You may find yourself responsible for planning your company’s next off-site meeting, keynote address or full-fledged seminar. To help your event succeed, we’ve compiled a list of what not to do when hosting an event for your company.

Don’t Ignore the Audience

Audience raising hands at a business meeting

If your event includes a series of speakers or information sessions, keep them less than an hour. An even better practice is to invite audience participation. Letting the audience ask questions at strategic points during a long presentation will keep attention spans from waning and engagement high.

Beyond that, the most impactful events find unique ways to maintain audience involvement. They may break them into smaller groups and have them complete a short exercise to illustrate a key concept. Our facility has plenty of spaces to allow for breakout sessions. Other noted event planners incorporate action into their events. They may have the speaker ask everyone to participate by writing down their own examples of a topic they just heard.

Don’t Run Late

 Businessman checking the time

Attendees, especially those that arrive on-time or early, will lose respect for your credibility when you do not respect time constraints. Rather than listening to the information, they will wonder if the lunch break will start on-time. Respecting the audience’s time is a way of gaining their trust and respect and allows them to buy in fully to the material that you are delivering.

Don’t Forget the Menu

Business people having lunch

We’ve all had that dose of afternoon sleepiness after a big lunch. Pay attention to what you serve at lunch or any other breaks. Are your choices tasty light plates that leave your attendees feeling energized and upbeat?

Plan to serve enough food at meals or breaks that everyone satisfies their hunger. You don’t want their stomachs growling an hour later nor do you want them yawning in their seats.

Take a look at our delicious catering options to get you thinking about menu plans for your upcoming event.

Don’t Let Distractions Take Over

 Business people taking a coffee break

Our attention spans can be fickle, fully engaged one minute, and then leaving our minds wandering the next. Small distractions pay a big part in our ability to concentrate. You may wish to add a few short breaks to allow attendees time to have a cup of coffee or grab a snack. Allowing them to get up and access refreshments at the back of the room can distract everyone.

Other distractions we’ve noticed:

  • Poor lighting levels – When materials are presented on a large screen, lighting can mess with your audience’s ability to read it.
  • Lack of sound quality – Not being able to hear clearly is a huge distraction.
  • Improper room temperature – Either too hot or too cold can cause your audience to focus on their discomfort rather than the material at hand.


Need Help Putting It All Together?

We can help you and your team host a successful event. Our event coordinators know what questions to ask to ensure that your next meeting or conference avoids these “don’ts”. Contact us today to get started!

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