2017 Popular Wedding Trends

April 17, 2017

Wedding season is now in full swing! With every passing season comes a whole new array of wedding trends. Which ones should you incorporate into your big day? From cakes to drones, here are some of 2017’s most popular trends.

Minimalist Cakes

These are certainly some of the sweetest trends of the year! If you’ve spent any time on Pinterest (and we’re assuming you have because you’re planning a wedding after all), you’re probably familiar with this latest trend in wedding cakes called “naked cakes”. These cakes have a limited amount of frosting on them for a minimalist effect. These cakes are often decorated with fruit, flowers and other various greenery.

Similar to minimalist cakes, translucent cakes are also on the rise. Translucent cakes feature a thin veil of frosting – giving your cake a translucent look.  Show your minimalist and translucent cake ideas to your baker to make this sweet trend a part of your wedding day!

Photos and Videos from Great Heights

Not sure how to make your photographs stand out? Put an exciting spin on your big day with one 2017’s latest trends – drone photography! Get a bird’s eye view of your wedding ceremony with a drone and capture breathtaking aerial shots that may not be accessible from ground-level.

Snack Lounge

Wedding favors are a great way to express thanks to your guests for their attendance. Instead of stuffing gift bags with items your guests might enjoy, flip the script and have your guests fill their own bags. Gift lounges offer your guests a deconstructed version of a gift bag, while giving them the opportunity to select their own goodies.

Think a gift lounge isn’t in your price range? Try a snack lounge instead. This idea can range from a candy trolley to a full blown snack room – allowing your guests to pick their favorite items.

Going Green

Greenery is one of the top color trends for 2017. There are many different ways you can include this natural color scheme into your big day. Check out this awesome sample of what a green wedding color scheme could look like. From centerpieces and signs to cakes and bouquets, greenery can be used to tastefully decorate just about anything in your wedding.


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