Five Reasons Team Building Activities are So Important

December 20, 2019

Team building activities are crucial to businesses in nearly every industry. While team building opportunities often have a reputation as being contrite or boring, they are actually an investment that you make in your business and your team members. 

Your employees are the heart of your business, and are the key components of running it. Team building exercises enhance the roles and connections between the members of your team, and can even serve to reinforce the team’s knowledge of the corporate strategy and values. 

If you are struggling to see the value of your team’s time away from work, think about what could happen if your team does not work well together. A team that struggles to work well together, or one that isn’t engaged in their work, could cost you business. 

Here are 5 other reasons that team building activities are incredibly important:

1. Improve Internal Communication

Team-building activities contain social components. During the time, employees get to know each other better. As they get to know each other more, it is easier for them to communicate with each other – even during difficult conversations, such as providing feedback. By improving the lines of communication between your team members, you are also improving quality and efficiency. 

2. Increase Employee Engagement

Employees who feel like their employers care about them and their professional development are more engaged. Also, depending on the type of activity chosen, you might be able to help them learn (in a fun way) more about your company, your unique selling points, and help their overall understanding of the business. With this type of background to rely on, your employees are more likely to be engaged in the business. This is also proven to increase overall employee retention – which is an issue most companies struggle with. 

3. Develop Important Workplace Skills

Nearly any team building activity that you might choose for your employees will help them develop better communication skills, problem-solving skills, leadership skills, teamwork ability, and delegation skills. 

4. Strengthen Corporate Culture

In order to keep good employees, you need to be considered a good place to work. By offering this time to your employees, you are seen as an employer who cares. Your employees are much more likely to remain loyal to an employer who takes time to invest in them professionally. 

5. Build Bridges Across Departments

Team-building activities also build relationships between team members who may not have the opportunity to interact as often, including relationships between employees and those in leadership. This is important because as unique situations arise, an employee may need the help of someone outside his or her department to resolve it. If lines of communication have already been established, this is an easier process. 

Move team building events up on your company’s priority list. Remember that it is not a splurge, it is an investment in your people. Focus on building employee relationships, communication, and trust through whatever type of team-building activity you choose. Through these activities, you will see more productive and engaged employees. 

Host Team Building at The NEW Center

The NEW Center is the perfect venue for hosting corporate retreats and team building activities. You can even put a fun health and wellness twist on your activities by taking advantage of the Sequoia Wellness Center at our facility! Contact us to start planning.

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