Six Ways to Liven Up Your Home Work Space for Better Productivity

April 15, 2020

Things are very different right now, and many people are working from home—like our team! Whether you’re used to working from home, or you’ve never done it before, the key to productivity is having an organized, enjoyable workspace—and you can create your own with a few tips.

Up the oxygen with plants

Houseplants seem to be a bit of a trend right now, but people have had houseplants for decades because of their amazing benefits! Not only are they nice to look at and act as great decor pieces, they actually help purify your inside air and circulate more oxygen. Think of them as mental and emotional support. And what better place for a plant than your desk, right?

Get some new organizational tools

If your desk is a mess, it’s time to get organized! One of the easiest ways to stay organized is by having a place for everything. Cubbies, file folders, baskets and jars work wonders to keep all your papers, paper clips, and other office supplies organized. Plus, you can find some really cute office stuff out there!

Start fresh with a new notebook

Times are different right now, and working from home everyday probably feels like a whole different world. Something a lot of people find refreshing is to get a nice clean, new notebook. It may sound silly, but it’s a blank slate and a fresh start for your mental space. Again, you can find some really cool notebooks out there, so it could also be fun little thing for you to enjoy.

Change up your desk layout

Whether your desk is an actual desk or your kitchen table, there’s probably a better way to set it up if you give yourself some dedicated time to clean up your workspace. Like a teenager who spent the weekend rearranging her room, you might find that a rearranged workspace makes you feel like a whole new person!

Clean up/organize what’s around you

Again, whether your workspace is a desk or a kitchen table, in a dedicated office space or shoved in the guest room, it’s important that the space you’re in is organized and peaceful rather than messy and chaotic. 

So if your workspace is your kitchen table, try to keep the kitchen tidy and organized so you’re not stressing all day about the mountain of dishes in the sink. If you have a room that’s a dedicated office space, even better! Keep that space clean and treat it like your sanctuary of productivity.

Let the light in

Working from home certainly comes with temptations, like having your bed available all day to nap on. For many, sitting in a dark room makes them feel sleepy. If this is you, make sure your workspace is well lit. A little sunlight goes a long way, so open up those blinds and take it in!

Share Your Workspace with Us!

If you’re currently working from home, take a picture of your workspace and share it with us on Facebook. This will be a fun way to get a little glimpse into everyone’s worlds. Don’t forget to follow The NEW Center if you’re not already!

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