New Ritzman Pharmacy Expands Role of Pharmacists as Health Care Providers

May 5, 2017

Locally-owned Ritzman celebrates with weeklong events at all locations.

WADSWORTH, Ohio—May 2, 2017— As an answer to a commoditized pharmacy experience, Ritzman not only expanded its products and services, but also remodeled its Barberton, Green, and Wooster Downtown locations as part of the pharmacy’s renewed commitment to bring unique, treasured pharmacy experiences to local communities. The newly remodeled locations are based off of the recent Ritzman at NEOMED location and align with the importance of the pharmacist’s role in our lives and reflect the company’s holistic, vintage and healthful approaches. This new approach to pharmacy expands the role of Pharmacists as health care providers.

Ritzman’s newest venture, The RefreshinQ Co., is a move to a pharmacist guided, technology supported integrated wellness experience. The wellness company uses technology to simplify wellness for consumers.

The most wellness centric service is The RefreshinQ Quotient (RQ). It is a blood-based analysis of biomarkers that are focused on strength, energy, endurance and metabolism. The client is then paired with a pharmacist coach that will assist clients with their wellness goals. The RefreshinQ Co. also uses technology to simplify supplements with a line of pre-selected or customizable vitamin packets and patches blended to help support wellness goals, such as supporting energy levels or assisting in workout recovery. The products are available at Ritzman Pharmacies and online.

There are plans for more renovation in the future. “We call it ‘customer centric’ because everything we do is seen through the eyes of the customer,” COO George Glatcz says. “We have even changed our language of how we define ourselves. We used to call our locations “stores” and a store is where you buy things, we are practicing healthcare so we call our locations “practices”. A practice is the exercise of the profession of medicine. That is what we are providing.”

It’s all about an elevated pharmacy experience, GM Marketing and Brand Strategy, Christina Cyrus says. Now, Ritzman pharmacists are located at the front of the practice and at the forefront of customer care where they can work more directly with patients to help improve their health. “When you walk into one of our pharmacies now, it doesn’t look like a pharmacy, but more like a wellness center,” Cyrus explains. “Customers cannot see where the technicians are counting pills – that’s hidden from the customers. So the experience that the customer has is more about healthcare and less about the transaction of the prescription.”

Consumers are longing for a more healthcare guided experience and less of a prescription transaction. Technology is moving wellness forward at rapids rates and consumers are confused on how to optimize technology in their wellness. To help consumers with this the company has implemented technology bars in its new and renovated practices. “In the old days, the pharmacy had a soda fountain where people would come and gather. We now believe the tech bar is where people can do the same thing,” Glatcz says. “Many people want to learn about technology and there are more than 22,000 health apps out there in the world. Who can better help navigate them for our consumer but the pharmacist?”

Celebration events will take place at all Ritzman locations Monday, May 15 through Saturday, May 20. Stop by throughout the week of May 15 and meet the staff especially at the Barberton, Green, Wooster Downtown and NEOMED who will help bring the new pharmacy experience to life.

GREEN | 1790 Graybill Rd., Suite 150

WOOSTER DOWNTOWN | 235 W. Liberty St.

BARBERTON | Anna Dean Professional Park 390 Robinson Avenue, Suite A

NEOMED | 4211 State Route 44

Giveaways and Discounts

  • First ten people who visit ANY Ritzman location each day during our celebration week will receive a free gift. While supplies last.
  • There will be special sale offers through the week with select products up to 30% off. See practices for details.

Throughout the week there will also be a prize drawings. Participants can Enter for a chance to win a RefreshinQ Quotient.

  • A unique, customizable way to optimize your health based on your blood analysis test biomarkers. Program includes RQ Pharmacist Health Coaching and a 3-month supply of supplements customized for you. (A $279.99 value)

“We couldn’t be more thrilled with where we are headed,” said Beth Husted, General Manager of Pharmacy Services. “The pharmacy experience can be so much more than an errand to check off a list—and we know that our customers and patients will value what Ritzman Pharmacy is offering.”

Ritzman Pharmacy has 21 locations throughout Northeast Ohio. For more information, follow Ritzman on Twitter at @RitzmanPharmacy, or on Facebook at

For more information on Ritzman Pharmacy and its commitment to the communities it serves, visit

For more information about The Refreshinq Co. and its products and services visit

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