Keep People Talking After Your Event

March 12, 2019

When people keep talking after your event is over, it’s a sure sign that the event was a success.

We’ve all attended games or concerts that we couldn’t stop talking about for days afterward. But how do you create that same buzz around your company’s event? Let’s examine a few ways that you can create a similar environment.

Create the Right Opportunities

The way you set up an event plays an influential role in creating the conversations you want to happen. The most important question to ask yourself is, “Does my audience have the opportunity during the event to initiate conversations?”

You may start conversations by determining where your guests sit. By not allowing people to naturally silo themselves off in their normal groups, you encourage people to meet one another and start a dialogue.

Since they do not know each other well, they will most likely talk about the subject of your event. Beyond encouraging them where to sit during the presentations, consider making seating charts for meals to generate this type of interaction.

Encourage Networking

Now that you have them outside of their comfort zone, the next step is to encourage networking. You can do this by making a formal announcement or offering some kind of incentive. You may ask your audience to collect emails or the exchange of contact information.

By communicating to your organization that you value networking and collaboration, you send the signal that you desire and encourage continued conversation, which can help lead to the breaking down of barriers between departments.

When you help people build their network, they are likely to use it to communicate long after the conclusion of the event.

Give Homework

We all had homework when we were in school, and for good measure. It reinforced what it was we were learning. It can accomplish the same thing for your event.

Giving an assignment that encourages people to collaborate with other attendees ensures that the conversation will continue—specifically about the topics you see as valuable. This type of activity rewards teamwork among groups that may not regularly work together.

By encouraging this type of interaction, you can help improve your organization’s culture.

When planning your next corporate event, be sure to try these tips to ensure your guests keep the conversation going.

Start Planning Your Next Event

When there’s buzz among your guests long after the event is over, that’s when you know you’ve hit the mark. If you would like to learn more about hosting a successful event at a state of the art conference center in Ohio, contact our event specialists who can help you customize your next event.

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