How to Incorporate Social Media into Your Next Corporate Event

December 28, 2016

You have your event venue booked, convention speaker scheduled, meal options set, decorations ordered, and promotional material printed. What else do you have to do when hosting a corporate event?

You can make your corporate event stand out on social media! Set yourself up for plenty of likes and convention envy by following these tips to incorporating social media to your corporate event.

Set Social Expectations

Before the event make sure to communicate with event participants of what social presence you will have the day of the event. If you are planning on being active on Facebook and Twitter, make sure to include their logos on event promotional material that will be distributed before and during the event.  Also, make sure to post promotional content for the event on these social participants to get them excited for the event day. Maybe even set up a Facebook event for participants to mark that they are attending the event.


Another thing to include in your pre-event tweets and at the event itself is a specific hashtag for the event. You can even include the hashtag on your promotional content for the event. The hashtag can be anything you want! Before committing to a hashtag look it up on Twitter to see what tweets are already associated with the hashtag you are looking to use. Hashtags are great especially for events because it aggregates all the tweets or posts using that specific hashtag. This makes it easier for people to see what people are saying about the event and find other people who are attending the event.

Selfie Station

Who doesn’t like taking a selfie in a fun event environment? Encourage attendees to take pictures at your event with a fun event backdrop and crazy props. You can even have the backdrop printed so it has the event name or hashtag on it!  Maybe even have an attendant posted at the photo station to take photos of the attendees so they can hold more signage or props instead of their smartphone. Your guests will be sure to share their photo station photos on their profiles.   

Social Contest

Entice people, even more, to participate in the social fun by having a contest tied in with your event. Have a prize like a gift card for different social milestones. Maybe a contest for most liked photo from the event using a hashtag. Or randomly select one of the postings on Twitter that used the hashtag to be the winner. People will be more likely to participate when there’s a reward on the line!

Looking for more tips on how to host the perfect corporate event? Contact us at The New Center, a corporate event center in Northeast Ohio. We help business host memorable corporate events in Rootstown, Ohio.  

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