How to Embrace the Warm Weather for Your Next Corporate Meeting

June 24, 2019

The winter snow has finally melted, the spring showers have brought their flowers, and the kids are out of school. It’s a wonderful time of year in Central Ohio. We appreciate summer here, but it can pose real challenges to those corporate meetings and events.

After being stuck inside for much of the year, those of us here in Central Ohio long to be outside every chance we get. This can cause attention spans to wander and business meetings to be unproductive.

Let’s jump into a few ideas that will prevent this from happening at your company’s next meeting.

Don’t Fight the Natural Urge to Be Outside

We want to be outside this time of year. Don’t fight the urge! Choose a venue for your meeting that allows for ample use of the outdoors.

You don’t have to hold the whole meeting outside, maybe just a break-out session or snack break to give attendees the chance to soak up the natural surroundings and get them refreshed for the next phase of the meeting. Our beautiful outdoor patio is a great place to do this!

Reflect the Season in Your Menu

Avoid serving traditional corporate fare at your next meeting. Summer’s warm weather can lessen our appetites and naturally make us crave lighter menu choices.

Consider serving salads and fresh fruits as the stars of the show. You could even turn your corporate luncheon into a fun, interactive networking opportunity with an outdoor, BBQ-style lunch.

At The NEW Center, we encourage you to use your imagination—the possibilities for your next corporate event are endless!

Choose A Venue That Allows You to Mix It Up

If you usually hold your meetings in a ballroom, summertime can be a challenge to hold your guests’ attention. Without windows, meeting rooms can feel dark and stuffy. At The NEW Center, our facility embraces the outdoors and is full of windows to bring in the gorgeous natural light. Not only do our rooms have windows, but we have a stunning atrium that gets tons of light.

When you schedule an event with us, you’ll be able to incorporate the outdoors and embrace the summer season. You may even consider having a break where your team is encouraged to take a walk together around our beautiful campus.

Let Us Help You Put It All Together

As the summer heats up, we have the right people and place to make your event a success. From our seasoned event planners to our talented culinary team, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to get started!

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