How Happy Employees Lead to Happy Customers

March 6, 2020

One of the most important aspects to a successful business is customer satisfaction. When your customers and clients have enjoyable, favorable experiences with your business, they will likely return to or buy from your company time and time again. 

While the old adage “the customer is always right,” hasn’t necessarily fallen by the wayside, there are several other factors to consider when it comes to creating a well-rounded, successful and prosperous business, and one of the most important factors is a healthy workplace environment. Who makes the world go ‘round at most businesses? Answer: Your employees. 

It’s no surprise that happier employees lead to happier customers, is it? There are plenty of studies to show that employee satisfaction and engagement leads to increased customer success and ultimately, overall business success. 

Employee Satisfaction Starts with Business Leaders

Naturally, employee satisfaction starts with the leaders of the business and trickles down. When higher-ups and management feel positive and engaged, so will their teams. 

According to Gallup, employee satisfaction has increased in recent years in tandem with “recognition received for work accomplishments; relationships with coworkers; and supervisors.”

Aside from giving recognition and praise for work accomplishments, there are many other ways to show employees they are appreciated and valued. Having free communication within offices, and management and HR teams that will listen to employee feedback and suggestions is just one way to create a feeling of security and openness within the workplace. 

Take Your Team Offsite for Meetings and Events

Another, and perhaps one of the most important ways to show appreciation and gratitude to your employees, is to hold fun and exciting meetings, corporate events, and even holiday parties. Throwing a corporate event doesn’t have to be a bore. In fact, incorporating team building games and exercises into your conferences or events has shown to create better relationships between coworkers, peers and management. 

Choosing the right venue for an engaging and successful company event can go a long way when creating that positive atmosphere for your staff to connect with one another. Corporate events that have memorable and fun accommodations, meeting spaces for activities, and even amazing food will stand out in the memory of your employees and instill a drive to be more engaged and work harder and smarter for your company in the long run. 

Plan Your Next Corporate Gathering

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