Getting Energized for Your Next Planning Session

October 12, 2018

Whether you’re in marketing, healthcare, accounting, or pretty much any other industry you can think of, planning meetings are essential to setting goals and making them happen. From planning to enter a new market to planning for company growth, a planning session is what you need to get energized, get organized and help everyone focus on what’s important.

But having the same old meeting in the same old conference room where you’ve been meeting every day for years sometimes just doesn’t do your mission justice. Let’s take a deeper look at why planning meetings are so important and how you can ensure your team gets a fresh perspective that will propel them towards accomplishing goals.

Why are Planning Sessions Important?

Markets change all the time. Unexpected situations arise with your team. Clients decide to go another way. Key leaders retire. While the ups and downs of your business aren’t always easy to handle, having a solid plan in place for the future can help you navigate the rough times.

The most productive way to plan for the future is putting your company in the position of dealing with the many different forms of change that can occur and figuring out how you’d handle it while reducing risk to your company. Just a few of the different types of organizational change include changes to personnel, culture, technology, mission and policies.

How to Enrich the Planning Process

Corporate meeting with a yoga break

The NEW Center is all about putting a unique spin on events, and your corporate meetings are no exception. Our facility has so many features and amenities to help you have an enjoyable and productive meeting that your team will find helpful and memorable.

Get out of your typical space

The same meeting room can start to feel boring or stuffy when you sit in it every day, and a planning meeting requires a lot of energy and rejuvenation that can be accomplished by stepping into a new and exciting space. Our beautiful facility has so many different spaces to offer—you could start your planning day in the executive boardroom and end it in the fresh air on the courtyard!

Rally the team

Making your planning meeting into a special event that your team is looking forward to is the best way to get them excited about making and reaching goals. If your team is all on the same page and looking forward to meeting, you’re likely to get so much more from them in return. In addition, don’t hold back on the invitations for the meeting. The more people you have on board, the more successful you’ll be.

Infuse fun into the meeting

Breaking up your meeting day with food and fun activities is a great way keep your team on their feet and break the brain fog that comes with long meetings. Our Sequoia Wellness Center offers a rock climbing wall that could be great for a team building exercise, and our open atrium is the perfect setting for a mid-day yoga session.

Book Your Next Planning Meeting

Do you have a planning meeting coming up that you want to get your team pumped about? Choose the venue that has so much to offer, from delicious food to unique amenities—The NEW Center! Our event planner will help you choose the perfect room, menu and activities to make your meeting the most beneficial yet. Contact us today to get started!

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