Getting Active in Meetings and Seminars

February 11, 2019

Annual planning meetings, board meetings and seminars are typically long sessions for your team to sit through, and it should come as no surprise that people tend to lose focus and energy after sitting for a considerable amount of time. We’ve talked about how to have healthier meetings, including healthy snack options and taking an office health pledge, but now we’re focusing in on how to get active, and why it’s easy to do so at The NEW Center.

Utilize the Sequoia Wellness Center

Sequoia Wellness Center

The NEW Center is on the campus of the Northeast Ohio Medical University (NEOMED), so health and wellness is an important focus for us. We have our very own wellness center inside of our facility—the Sequoia Wellness Center—that houses a gym, weight training area, swimming pool and rock climbing wall. It’s the perfect way to incorporate physical activity and team building exercises like volleyball, pickleball and basketball into your corporate meetings and seminars.

Take Walks Around the Campus

The New Center at night

Because our event center is located on a beautiful college campus, there’s great scenery for walks with your team. Breaking mid-morning and mid-afternoon for a walk is the perfect way to break up your long day and get your blood pumping. Research shows that physical activity is linked to better cognitive functioning, meaning your team will be refreshed and focused for the remainder of the meeting.

Keep Your Breaks Inside the Building

If the weather doesn’t allow for walks around the campus, you can utilize our spacious facility to get up and move around. Or if your team is feeling up for it, you can initiate a yoga session to help get everyone to a calm and peaceful place after an intense morning. It’s often easier to share ideas with your team when you’re feeling calm and collected rather than stressed and flustered.

Try Standing Meetings

People standing for corporate meeting

Meetings typically involve people sitting around a table, but what if you mix it up and hold a standing meeting? Standing literally keeps people on their toes, and can potentially keep your team from getting tired or losing focus. Not only is standing better for you than sitting in terms of circulation and burning calories, but we’ve already talked about how it’s a great way to keep people engaged.

Feeling Tense?

Business woman stretching

If you want to keep your meetings on track and don’t want to take the time out of your busy day for longer breaks that involve walks or climbing the rock wall, just simple, five minute stretching breaks will do! If you have a list of goals or topics to cover during the meeting, consider taking a short break every time you check something off the list.

Start Planning Your Next Meeting That’s Infused with Physical Activity

Trying to find the perfect venue for your next corporate meeting or seminar? We can help you plan so that your day goes smoothly in order to reach your goals, while also making sure your team gets active and energized throughout the day. Contact us today to start planning!

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