Fun Ideas for Your Next Office Holiday Party

October 24, 2019

Nothing builds employee morale and a sense of unity quite like a holiday party. This list of party ideas will help you come up with a winner for your next office gathering. Be sure to plan it at The NEW Center, your premiere Northeast Ohio event center with so much to offer!

Bring on the Competition

Nothing gets people invested in a party like games do, especially when there’s competition or prizes involved. You can set up a scavenger hunt or have an epic trivia competition with small prizes offered for the winners.

The NEW Center has screens and projectors available so your trivia questions or list of scavenger hunt items will be displayed for all your employees to read.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with a Christmas Movie

Book a room at The NEW Center to set up a mock movie theater, bring in some popcorn and snacks, and let your employees kick back and relax.

If you want to give your team a choice about which movie they’d rather see, you could book two or more rooms for your movie theater party.

Have a Cook-Off

Let your employees channel their inner chefs by having everyone bring in their best soup dish or casserole. Your employees might find new favorites they’ll want to make for their own families. The NEW Center can provide the side dishes and dessert to complete the meal.

Share Baked Goods and a Workout

Everyone enjoys Christmas cookies, but not everyone likes the weight gain they bring.

Consider having a Feast and Fit party where everyone brings in their favorite cookies, but before eating them, you give your employees access to the NEW Center’s Sequoia Wellness Center. With a workout room, pool, and rock climbing wall, your employees will feel good about torching calories before eating those cookies.

You could incorporate team-building activities by breaking up into workout groups or stations or having rock climbing competitions. Contact us to see what all is possible!

Have a Fun Gift Exchange

A white elephant gift exchange can provide plenty of laughs as employees pass around an assortment of strange gifts. You can do a random gift exchange by drawing names or play a fun game where employees try to snatch away other people’s more desirable gifts.

Give Employees a Chance to Shine

Rent a room at the NEW Center, get a karaoke machine, and let your employees enjoy a full-service catered meal as they watch performances. You can choose from several menu options or come up with some favorites for Chef Xavier to tackle.

Collect Gifts for Charity

Giving to others is a great way to instantly feel good during the holidays. Collect canned goods for a food pantry or items to send to military members who can’t be home this holiday season.

Start Planning Your Upcoming Holiday Party

The NEW Center can help you pull off a successful office holiday party. With food, friendship, and the right setting, it will be an event your employees will look forward to every year. Contact us today for a quote!

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