Five Ideas for Healthier Meetings

December 20, 2017

With a new year comes new health initiatives—at home and at the office! One of the easiest ways to encourage healthier habits around the workplace is to implement a few healthy tactics for meetings. We’re offering just a few ideas to get you thinking about healthier habits in the new year.

Provide Healthy Snacks

Instead of providing the usual donuts and bagels for your meetings, consider choosing healthier options like fruit, nuts, yogurt or granola bars. When it comes time to break for lunch, ditch the pizza and opt for salads or grilled chicken with mixed veggies. People tend to make decisions about food based on what is made readily available to them.

Don’t forget about the beverages! In addition to healthy snacks, you can also provide better drink choices, too. Hold off on the sodas and set out bottles of water or pitchers of fruit-infused ice water. The culinary staff at The NEW Center can help plan a healthy menu for for next event!

Take Energizing Breaks

Energizing Meeting Break

Everyone knows that when you’re feeling foggy, it helps to get up and move around. But that’s not all you can do at The NEW Center! Why not take your breaks up to the next level?

Plan several 15 minute yoga or stretching sessions throughout the day, held in our light-filled atrium. Set up an obstacle course in our expansive parking lot. Take a walk around the inside of the building. As long as you’re moving, you’re energizing!

…Or Even a Quick Workout

Add a Quick Workout into your Meeting

If 15 minute yoga breaks aren’t enough for your team, consider squeezing in a full-blown team building workout session! Depending on what your venue allows for, you could go for a swim or a climb, hit the stationary bikes, or even set up a Nintendo Wii in the conference room to play any sport of your choosing. When you book with The NEW Center, all this is possible and more!

Take an Office Health Pledge

Office Health Pledge

The National Alliance for Nutrition and Activity invites organizations to take a pledge to have healthy meetings, conferences and events. They have even developed a “Healthy Meeting Toolkit” to help you get there! Your upcoming seminar or conference is the perfect time to announce an office health initiative.

If your office isn’t the pledge-taking type, you can try other methods for rallying the office to be healthier. Contests and drawings are two great ways to get your team energized. Send out a memo about a weight loss competition and see who’d be interested!

Host Breakout Sessions Outdoors

Outdoor Meeting Sessions

Office buildings have long been referred to as stuffy and dark, but did you know that fresh air can help rid you of “sick building syndrome” and improve concentration?

To get your attendees up and moving after a long seminar, why not move the fun outside for some breakout sessions? The NEW Center has a beautiful furnished patio that offers the perfect setting!

Plan Your Next Healthy Meeting

All of these little details—from the pitchers of lemon water, to the rock wall climbing session—are possible at The NEW Center. Just take a look for yourself!

Contact us today to start planning your next event.

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