6 Trends That Are Revolutionizing Corporate Events

February 23, 2017

The landscape of corporate events are always evolving. Stay up-to-date by incorporating these six trends into your next corporate event.

Utilize Technology

Technology is a leading creator of trends in corporate events. Use technology to your advantage by tying it into various aspects of your occasion. Try using tablets to assist with signing attendees in, or offer electronic perks such as digital check in rewards. Think of ways you can incorporate technology into keynote speeches and breakout sessions. Engaging your attendees with innovative, technological trends will instantly give your event the cutting-edge flare you desire.

Year-Round Marketing

Have an annual event such as an elegant gala or corporate retreat?  Create a robust campaign to increase attendance through targeted lists, relevant value propositions, detailed descriptions and a clear call to action. Encourage attendees to register in advance by providing an early bird discount rate through an interactive email campaign.  With an efficient email marketing strategy, your attendees will stay in touch with your event all year round!

Social Media

Engage attendees by incorporating multiple social media outlets before, during and after your event. Social media can serve as both marketing and engagement tools that will help get your guests involved. Try creating a witty, relevant hashtag that will encourage participation from all attendees. Check out the entire blog post we wrote on this topic!

Interactive Stations

In addition to having your attendees interact with your brand on social media, create interactive stations for participants at your event. From a chocolate fondue station a fun photo booth, use these areas to inspire a clever tweet or an Instagram-worthy picture. Your guests will appreciate the small activity, and it will make a great conversation starter!

Health Conscience Alternatives

Healthier meal options at your event is an increasingly popular trend to offer your attendees. Prepare a menu that includes vegetarian and gluten-free options that will cater to all dietary restrictions within your group. Ask your corporate event venue if they are able to accommodate your dietary requirements.

Ever considered introducing interactive exercises during your event to get guests moving? Plan ahead for a few minutes of basic yoga during a lunch break or practice new chair stretches around each table. This break – or as we like to refer to them as – “move it breaks” will give your attendees a short intermission and allow them to return to their seats refocused and refreshed.

Venue is Everything

Selecting the appropriate venue that is up-to-date with event trends is an important consideration in your planning process. Aim for a venue that can accommodate everything on your itinerary from catered food and state-of-the-art audio and visual needs, to a full scale workout area.

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to throw a memorable corporate event this year! Have questions about hosting a corporate event? Contact our event specialists today.

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