5 Tips for Holiday Corporate Events

November 28, 2016

The time is quickly approaching to plan and host your holiday office parties. Everyone has shared a story before of boring holiday corporate events, but you can change that this year. Learn how to throw holiday corporate events and parties your employees, coworkers, and family will enjoy and look forward to year after year.

Choose a State of the Art Event Center

One of the easiest ways to make your party stand out from the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is by hosting it at a state of the art event center. Depending on the event venue you choose, it could come with a variety of other amenities that you’d normally have to pay additionally for such as an event planner, event catering, or linens and electronics. Many event venues in Ohio and across the country provide both indoor and outdoor settings, staff to work your event, the set up, tear down, and clean up of furniture and decorations, and more. Hosting a holiday party at a state of the art event center can take it to the next level and make the whole night run smoothly.

Pick a Theme

Everyone loves a themed party if it is done right. Holiday corporate events are the perfect time to try a new theme. A theme can set the mood for your event, so choosing something upbeat and unique can add to the morale of the night. Whether you create a holiday themed event such as the North Pole, or go for a night in Sin City with a Vegas themed party, your guests will enjoy themselves. Themes also help guests know what the dress code of the evening will be. A woman may choose to wear an elf outfit for a North Pole-themed party, where she may want to wear a dress for an evening of gambling. If you are hosting a themed party at an event hall, ask them about their approved vendors for themed party help.

Gift Giving

Start the season of giving by showing your appreciation for your co-workers and employees. One way to facilitate gift giving is by setting up a gift exchange. Prior to the holiday party, set up a Secret Santa gift exchange where each person has a secret recipient for which they buy a gift from. Setting a budget is helpful as it ensures fairness and reasonable spending. Another option for giving gifts is by offering door prizes. Purchase a variety of gifts ranging in price and type such as gift baskets, a TV, gift cards, and pull employee names throughout the night for a chance to win. Additionally, you can turn the gift giving into a game by doing a white elephant gift exchange. When adding gifts to your holiday corporate events, be sure all employees have an equal chance of receiving a gift and ensure no one is excluded.

Incorporate a Contest

Want employees to participate in the festive spirit? Host a contest with prizes to encourage participation in everything from an ugly sweater contest, gingerbread house contest, design your own ornament, or best tasting fruitcake! Not only will employees be incentivized to participate, but they will be able to decide the winner by voting. You can even turn your ugly sweater contest into a modeling competition by setting up a stage or runway. Check out the state of the art event centers near you to see if they can accommodate your requests.

Support a Charity

Using holiday corporate events as a way to support a charitable cause is something everyone can support. Plus, the season of giving is the perfect reason to rally your company to support those in need. Whether you organize a toy drive, collect canned goods, or adopt a family in need, your employees will be reminded of what’s important during the holiday season. Take a vote from your employees and coworkers prior to the office party to get feedback on the charity they want to support as well as what kind of charitable giving you want to participate in.

Holiday office parties are a great way to celebrate the holidays while boosting morale and camaraderie within your company. By incorporating a contest, theme, charity, and gift giving, all at a state of the art event center, you can host a holiday party your company won’t soon forget.

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