2019 Wedding Trends

December 11, 2018

From the latest technological advancements to new dress styles, wedding trends are constantly changing. What was hot this year will be long forgotten about by the time 2019 weddings start rolling around. Below are just a few of the things many different sources are predicting will inundate next year’s matrimonial events.

Getting a fresh perspective of the big day

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Photography has been a part of weddings for as long as there have been cameras. Videography is essential to creating those wedding videos you keep seeing on Facebook. But now couples are stepping up the coverage of their big day with drones.

Because drones can be flown around pretty much anywhere, the footage you can get from them offers a unique perspective of a wedding that you can’t get with a regular old camera.

Ditching traditional sit-downs for small plates and food stations

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Food is not only getting less formal, but more personalized to the couple. This is where small plates, themed food stations and food trucks come in. While there’s always a time and place for a formal dinner, whether for a large wedding or an intimate gathering, but sources predict that couples are getting more and more creative and selective when it comes to food for their weddings.

It’s more than just a dinner, couples want their wedding guests to have a memorable experience, and that means providing an array of innovative food choices. That could mean a table full of appetizers and small plates, or it could mean making your own concoction at a fun food station that centers around the theme of the wedding or the history of the couple.

Say goodbye to muted pinks and pastels

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Soft, muted colors have been taking over the wedding scene for years now. Of course colors change based on the season or the bride’s taste in decor, but blush pink and soft lavender have dominated weddings for what seems like almost a decade.

Expect color palettes to shift next year to something a little more bright and bold. Deep jewel tones like royal purple, burgundy and emerald green will steal the show, utilizing unique flower choices you may not expect—and used in ways you may not have dreamed of. That leads us to new trends in decor…

Think beyond the table setting

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Similar to the way food trends are shaping up, wedding decor continues to get more and more unique and extravagant. It seems brides are always looking for a grand way to make their wedding stand out, and decor is a great way to do that.

Flower walls and vertical gardens are making their way up in popularity, so expect these ultra fresh decor pieces to make their way into the next wedding you attend in the new year. Decorations will spread way beyond the tables—expect more draping greenery garlands and hanging floral attractions all around the room so that it doesn’t just feel like a gathering of tables in an event room, but a holistic experience.

Think of it as a rebranding event

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Save the dates, invitations and even wedding websites are no surprise for 2019, but it’s the level of detail and customization going into these elements that will stand out at next year’s events.

Couples have been creating their own unique wedding hashtags for a couple of years now, but now they may go as far as creating their own logos or custom-designed monograms that are used on all wedding materials, from wax seals on invitations to designs on cupcakes. It’s almost like they’re rebranding themselves as a married couple.

In addition, hand-lettered signage like seating guides and bar menus will continue to play a huge role in 2019, and in fact will only explode from here. Expect to see hand-lettered signage in all aspects of the event, from the food tables to customized programs to photo walls and more.

Start planning for 2019

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