Planning a Successful Business Expo


As if exhibiting at a show isn’t enough stress, hosting an entire expo involves so many moving parts that it can feel downright overwhelming. Here at The NEW Center, we have experience with trade shows, expos and seminars and would like to offer up a few tips to help in the planning of your next event.

Speaking of expos, we’ll be hosting Crain’s Health Care Forum on June 20, 2018. If you’re interested in diving into the world of wellness at the workplace, be sure to attend! We’ve got a full day of activities lined up, plus ten vendors who will be set up with booths and ready to talk. Contact us today to learn more about the forum or register to attend.

Choosing Your Venue

This is perhaps the most important step in planning and hosting a successful expo. The venue you choose must have the right space available for not only the vendors, but for forums and seminars as well. This is something you should nail down in the very early planning stages so you know how much space you’ll have and how many vendors to invite to participate in the expo.

When you book with The NEW Center, you can be sure there’s plenty of space for every aspect of your expo. Our atrium offers plenty of open space that’s ideal for vendors setting up booths, and our grand ballroom, auditorium and conference rooms are ideal for seminars, breakout sessions, panel discussions and so many other events.