6 Questions to Ask a Potential Corporate Event Venue

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Planning a corporate event this year? Before you commit yourself to a corporate event venue for your conference, make sure that you ask your venue these questions.

Dietary Restrictions

Having a venue double as your catering service makes your life a lot easier. There are many types of diets these days; gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian, vegan, etc., so make sure that you communicate your dietary restrictions with your venue.  When you are planning your meals, give guests an area where they can specify what restrictions they may have in their diet. Ask your venue how they handle food allergies or restrictive diets.

Pro Tip: A venue that offers catering on-site is the easiest choice. It means you’ll have less people to communicate with when planning for the event. Score!

Number of People and Cost per Person

At this point in your event planning, you probably have an idea of how many people are set to attend your corporate event. Have a goal in mind of how much you want to pay per person and ask your prospective event venue if this is a doable budget.

Pro Tip: Calculate cost per person with this helpful calculator from evite.

Internet Capabilities

The internet will play a crucial role in your corporate event. The keynote speaker might need it for their presentation, the guests will want to share their experience on social media or use the internet during brainstorming sessions. Ask your corporate event venue if free wi-fi will be provided.

Pro Tip: Test the connection out when you are touring the venue.


No matter how many people attend your event, parking is a crucial detail you’ll want to define with your venue. You want to clarify that there is enough room to accommodate all your guests. Ask your event venue how many parking spots your guests will have at the venue.

Pro Tip: Also, give your keynote speakers prime parking spots.

Payment Scheduling Options

Most venues make it easy for you to pay off hosting a corporate event at their venue. When talking with your corporate event planner ask them about payment options, including down payment and when the full payment is due.

Pro Tip: Know your goal cost per person before discussing payment options.

Set up Times

Make sure you communicate with your corporate event venue what you plan on setting up and how long you think it’ll take. If you know your display will take hours to set up, ask your venue when you can start setting up.

Pro Tip: Ask the venue if you can set up the night before.

Asking these six questions will ensure that you host a seamless event. Have questions about hosting your event at The NEW Center? Contact us here!